1. How are chemical reactions expressed in the shortest way?

2. What is the type of reaction in which the reactant gives simpler products?

3. What is the type of reaction in which two or more reactants combine to a give a single product?

4. In which type of reaction does an exchange of partners take place?

5. Why are chemical equations balanced?

6. What symbol is used to indicate a solution made in water?

7. What type of reaction does occur during the digestion of food inside our body?

8. What type of reaction does occur when silver bromide is exposed to sunlight?

10. A solution of a substance is used for white-washing. Name the substance with its formula.

11.Express the following statement in the form of a balanced chemical equation: “Sodium reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide and hydrogen”.

14. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occurs between aluminium hydroxide and sulphuric acid forming aluminium sulphate and water.

15. What type of reaction does occur when ammonia is allowed to react with hydrogen chloride?

16. Name the type of reaction involved when a zinc plate is dipped in a solution of copper sulphate?

17.What is the process called in which a substance is converted into a new substance?

24. Name the gas evolved when a magnesium ribbon is dropped into dilute sulphuric acid?

25. Give an example of a double displacement reaction.

26. Is copper more reactive than iron? Give the equation of the reaction in support of your answer?

27. Can a combustion reaction be a redox reaction?

28. Can a double displacement reaction be a redox reaction?

29. State one characteristics of the chemical reaction when lemon juice is added gradually to potassium permanganate solution?

30. Which gas does evolve when dilute HCl is added to sodium carbonate?

31. Why is photochemical reaction considered an endothermic reaction?

32. Which term is applied for the process in which unpleasant smell and taste develop in foods containing fats and oils?

33. What are the substances called which are added to foods containing fats and oils to protect them from becoming rancid?

34. Why are potato chips packaged in nitrogen?

35. In the refining of silver, silver is obtained from silver nitrate by using copper metal. Write down the reaction involved?

36. A shiny brown coloured element when heated in air becomes black. Name the element and the black coloured substance so formed.


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