Hey, are you sslc student?.Are you looking sslc chemistry notes or pdf?.If yes,then read the post till end.Kerala SSLC chemistry syllabus contain lots of important topics such as periodic table,mole concept,organic chemistry…etc.If you want to understand complex subjects of Kerala sslc chemistry,then you can download this sslc chemistry pdf notes, free of cost.

We have provided sslc chemistry book in the form of notes, pdf,study materials…etc

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Public Exam dateMarch 2023
Examination nameSSLC
TextbookSCERT Based
Time tableNot released
ClassClass 10,Standard 10
CategoryKerala sslc
Tagssslc Kerala,sslc chemistry syllabus,
Kerala syllabus

Chapter wise sslc chemistry pdf,notes,study materials

Chapter noChapter Namedownload pdf
chapter1Periodic Table and Electronic Configuration download now
chapter2Gas Laws Mole Concept download now
chapter3Reactivity Series and Electro chemistry download now
chapter4Production of Metalsdownload now
chapter5Compounds of Non Metalsdownload now
chapter6Nomenclature of Organic Compounds and Isomerism download now
chapter7Chemical Reactions of Organic Compoundsdownload now
sslc chemistry chapter wise pdf

Chapter nochapter nameImportant topicsdownload pdf
chapter1Periodic Table and Electronic Configuration Shells and Subshells
The number of electrons in subshells Filling of electrons in subshells
Peculiarity of the electronic configuration of chromium(Cr) and copper(Cu)
Subshell electronic configuration and blocks
The period and the group can be found out on the basis of subshell electronic configuration
The group number of s block elements p block and d block elements
Characteristics of d block elements
download now
chapter2Gas Laws Mole Concept Volume, Temperature and Pressure of Gases
Gas Laws
Boyle’s law
Charles law
Avogadro’s law
Gram Atomic Mass (GAM)
Gram Molecular Mass (GMM)
Avogadro Number (NA)
Mole atom
Mole molecule
download now
chapter3Reactivity Series and Electro chemistry Reactivity series and displacement reaction
Galvanic cell
download now
chapter4Production of MetalsMinerals and ores
Concentration of
ores Extraction of metals from concentrated ore
Refining of metals
Industrial preparation of iron
download now
chapter5Compounds of Non MetalsLaboratory preparation of Ammonia Properties
Physical and Chemical Liquor ammonia and liquid ammonia
Uses of ammonia
Revesible reaction
Forward and backward reaction
Chemical equilibriumcharacteristic properties
Lechatelier principle
Effect of concentration, pressure and temperature in equilibrium
download now
chapter6Nomenclature of Organic Compounds and Isomerism Hydrocarbons and their classification as Alkane, Alkene and Alkynes
General formula of Alkane, Alkene and Alkynes
writing the structures of Alkane, Alkene and Alkynes
Homologous series
Naming of Alkanes o
With no branch o
With one branch o
with more than one same branch
Naming of alkenes
Naming of alkynes
Functional groups –
Alcohols and ethers
download now
chapter7Chemical Reactions of Organic CompoundsSubstitution Reactions.
Addition Reactions.
Combustion of Hydrocarbons
Thermal cracking
download now
sslc chemistry class10 important topics and pdf

Download malayalam medium standard study materials,pdf&notes

Mukulam sslc chemistry malayalam medium notesdownload
Excellence DIET Wayanad malayalam notesdownload
sslc malayalam medium chemistry notes,diet palakkaddownlaod
class 10 chemistry study notes by vidyajyothi trivandrumdownload
standard 10 kerala chemistry study notes by diet kannurdownload
10th class chemistry notes-chemistry made easy-by Kareem sirdownload
standard 10 sslc chemistry pdf by orukkamdownload
class 10 kerala sslc chemistry malayalam medium study notes,pdf by Ujwaldownload

Download English medium 10th class study materials,pdf&notes

name of pdfdownloadnow
sslc chemistry english medium pdfDownload
class 10 chemistry study material from DIET Trivandrumdownload
kerala 10th class sslc chemistry study notes from General Education DepartmentDownload

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