1. Heterocysts : Specialised cells found in Nostoc & Anabaena which help in fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.  

2. Smallest living cell is Mycoplasma

 3. Choanocytes or collar cells – Found in sponges that line the spongocoel & canals.  

4. Cnidoblasts/cnidocytes – Found in coelentrata/cnidaria which contain the stinging capsules or nematocytes.

 5. Flame cells- Found in flat worms and help in osmoregulation & excretion.  

6. Statocysts- These are balancing organs found in arthropods.  

7. Root hair- Found in zone of maturation and help in water & mineral absorption.  

8. Guard cell- Encloses stomatal aperture or pore. Bean-shaped but in grasses dumb-bell shaped.  

9. Subsidiary cells- A few epidermal cells, in the vicinity of the guard cells become specialised in their shape & size & called subsidiary cells 

10. Bundle-sheath cells- The vascular bundles are surronded by a layer of thick walled bundle-sheath cells.


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