1. The symbiotic relationship of algae and fungus is found in                 
(a) lichen (b) mycorrhiza
(c) pneumatophore (d) bacteriophage

2. The virus that infects bacteria is called
(a) cyanophage (b) mycophage
(c) bacteriophage (d) none of these

3. Citrus canker is caused by
(a) bacterium (b) fungus
(c) alga (d) virus

4. Which of the following is a cyanobacteria

(a) Nostoc (b) Chara
(c) E. coli (d) Polysiphonia

5. Virus has
(a) DNA
(b) RNA
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) either DNA or RNA

6. Hormogonia are vegetative reproducti structure

(a) Spirogyra (b) Ulothrix
(c) Oscillatoria (d) Yeast

7. Which is a unicellular fungus ?
(a) Yeast (b) E.coli
(c) Nostoc (d) Albugo

8. Bacterial cell wall is made up of [1999]
(a) xylemm b)chitin
(c) cellulose d)murien

9. Cell wall is absent in
(a) Amoeba b)chara
(c) yeast d) e cloi

10. Which of the following is a fungus?
(a) Nostoc (b) E. coli
(c) Yeast (d) Chara


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