Major topics

馃挔Neuron – Structure and function Generation of impulses
馃挔Brain -Structure and function
馃挔Spinal cord -Structure and function
馃挔Reflex actions
馃挔Autonomous nervous system – Sympathetic and Parasympathetic system
馃挔The diseases affecting nervous system


馃挔A nerve cell or neuron- diagram, functions of dendrite, dendron, axon, axonite, synaptic knob.
馃挔Peculiarities and functions of motor nerve, sensory nerve, and mixed nerves .
馃挔Brain-diagram, functions of cerebrum, cerebellum,medulla oblongata, thalamus, hypothalamus
馃挔Causes and symptom聽 of Parkinson鈥檚, Alzheimer鈥檚, and Epilepsy


馃挔Dendrite Branches of dendron. Part that receives impulses from the
adjacent neuron

馃挔Dendron-Carries impulses from dendrites to the cell body

馃挔Axon – Longest filament from the cell body. Carries impulses to the

馃挔Axonite- Branches of axon. Carries impulses to the synaptic knob

馃挔Synaptic knob- Tip of axonite, secretes neurotransmitter

馃挔Different types of nerves 鈥 sensory nerve, motor nerve and mixed

馃挔Characteristics of nerves

鈥 Sensory nerves :Formed of sensory nerve fibres
鈥 Motor nerves: Formed of motor nerve fibres
鈥 Mixed nerves : Formed of sensory nerve fibres and motor nerve fibres


馃挔Sensory nerve carries impulses from brain and spinal cord to various parts of the body,

馃挔Motor nerve carries impulses from various parts of the body to brain and spinal cord.

馃挔Mixed nerve-Carries impulses to and from the brain and spinal cord

Top 10 most important topics of sslc biology chapter

Brain -Structure and function

1 馃挔Cerebrum

鈥 Centre of thought, intelligence, memory and imaginations.
鈥 evokes sensations.
鈥 controls voluntary movements.

2 馃挔Cerebellum

鈥 Coordinates muscular actions.
鈥 maintains equilibrium of the body.


鈥 Act as relay station of impulses to and from the brain.
鈥 Analyses the impulses from various parts of the body and sends the
important ones to the cerebrum.


鈥 Maintains homeostasis. Medulla oblongata

鈥 Controls involuntary actions like heart beat, breathing etc.

SSLC CHEMISTRY FOCUS AREA BASED NOTES;High yielding points of chapter 1


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