Here we are sharing sslc social science syllabus march 2023.Social science is one of the most important subject for sslc march 2023.Here we are covering students asked questions like what is the syllabus of sslc social science of class 10,how many total chapters in sslc social science,kerala state syllabus class 10 social science…etc

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TextbookSCERT Based
ClassClass 10,Standard 10
Subjectsocial science
CategoryKerala sslc
Tagsclass 10,social syllabus
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Kerala SSLC Social Science Syllabus march 2023

Chapter notopics
1Revolutions that Influenced the World
2World in the twentieth Century
3British exploitation and Resistance
4Culture and Nationalism
5Struggle and Freedom
7India after Independence
8Kerala Towards Modernity
9The State and political science
SSLC Social Science chapters Syllabus march 2023

Important topics related to each social science chapters

Chapter nochapter namesub topics
1Revolutions that Influenced the World The American War Of Independence
the French Revolutionthe
Russian Revolution
2World in the twentieth CenturyCauses Of The First World War
Mussolini And Fascism
Hitler and Nazism
Non-Aligned Movement: An Alternative To Bipolar Bloc
3Public AdministrationSignificance Of Public Administration
Features Of Bureaucracy.
Indian Civil Service
4British exploitation and ResistanceImpact Of The British Policies
Kurichya Revolt
First War Of Indian Independence, 1857
5Culture and NationalismEducation for the Nation
Nationalism in Art
6Struggle and FreedomEarly Struggles of Mahatma Gandhi in India
Non-cooperation and the Khilafat Movements
Poorna Swaraj
7India after IndependenceIntegration of Princely States
Space Research in India
Foreign Policy
Panchsheel Principles
8Kerala Towards ModernityEarly Resistances against the
British Reform Movements and Social Changes
National Movement and Women
9The State and political scienceFunctions of a State Theories on the origin of state
Citizenship Civic Consciousness
10How can we foster civic consciousness?Challenge faced by civic consciousness
Sociology : What? Why?
The early social science thinkers Methods of study in sociology
topics related to each social science syllabus chapters

Mark distribution in sslc social science chapters

Chapter notopicsmark distribution
1Revolutions that Influenced the World 5-10
2World in the twentieth Century5-10
3British exploitation and Resistance3-8
4Culture and Nationalism2-5
5Struggle and Freedom3-8
7India after Independence3-8
8Kerala Towards Modernity3-8
9The State and political science2-5
mark distribution of kerala sslc social science syllabus

Important FAQ related to Kerala class 10 social science syllabus

Is sslc kerala syllabus reduced in 2023?

No,Kerala scert board decided to conduct sslc exam on march 2023,without reducing syllabus.In previous years due to covid 19,sslc syllabus reduced and conducted exam on basis of focus area


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