SSLC is a mile stone for students in their education life. Besides,the marks scored in the sslc examination, standard 10 will also help candidate to achieve the desired subjects for their higher studies. So, it is important for each to study valuebly and score higher grade in sslc public examination.For that,students must develop a proper study plan and succeed in their exams, studypill provides chapterwise sslc notes,pdf,videos,questions.Here we are providing sslc social science2 syllabus and important topics…etc

Public Exam dateMarch 2023
Examination nameSSLC
TextbookSCERT Based
Time tableNot released
ClassClass 10,Standard 10
Subjectsocial 2
CategoryKerala sslc
Tagssslc Kerala,sslc social 2 syllabus,
Kerala syllabus

Kerala sslc social science2: chapters

Chapter nochapter name
1Seasons and Time
2In search of the source of wind
3Human Resource Development in India
4Landscape analysis through maps
5Public Expenditure and Public Revenue
6Eyes in the sky and Data analysis
7India : The Land of Diversities
8Resource Wealth of India
9Financial Institutions and Services
10Consumer : Satisfaction and Protection
chapters of kerala sslc social science2 syllabus

Kerala sslc social science2 syllabus&important topics

Chapter nochapter nameimportant topics
1Seasons and Time Seasons and apparent movement of the Sun
Rotation and calculation of time Greenwich Time (GMT) and Time Zones
Standard Time
Indian Standard time (IST)
International Date Line
2In search of the source of wind Atmospheric pressure
Atmospheric pressure and altitude
Temperature and atmospheric pressure
Humidity and atmospheric pressure
Global pressure belts
Planetary winds
3Human Resource Development in India Education and human resource development
Human resource development and health care
4Landscape analysis through maps Topographic Map
Grid reference
Eastings Northings
4 figure grid reference
5Public Expenditure and Public Revenue
6Eyes in the sky and Data analysis Remote Sensing
Classification of Remote Sensing based on the platform
Geostationary satellites
Sun synchronous satellites
Analytical Capabilities of GIS
Overlay analysis
Buffer Analysis
7India : The Land of DiversitiesIn the Himalayas
Northern Mountain Ranges – Trans Himalayas, Himalayas, Eastern Highlands
Himalayan rivers
Peninsular rivers Coastal plain of India
Western coastal plain and Eastern coastal plain
South west monsoon season Retreating monsoon season(North East Monsoon)
8Resource Wealth of India Different Agricultural seasons in India
Food crops in India
Water transport
Major ports in India-Map
9Financial Institutions and Services Functions of Reserve Bank of India
Function of Commercial Banks
Modern trends in banking sector
10Consumer : Satisfaction and Protection10 Consumer Protection Act 1986
Administrative mechanism
important topics of sslc social 2

Kerala sslc social science2 :mark distribution

Chapter nochapter namemark distribution
1Seasons and Time 3-8
2In search of the source of wind 2-7
3Human Resource Development in India 2-5
4Landscape analysis through maps 3-8
5Public Expenditure and Public Revenue2-7
6Eyes in the sky and Data analysis 3-8
7India : The Land of Diversities310
8Resource Wealth of India 3-20
9Financial Institutions and Services 3-5
10Consumer : Satisfaction and Protection1-4
Kerala sslc social2 mark distribution

Kerala sslc subjectwise syllabus

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kerala sslc syllabus 2023

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