Here we are going to discuss about Focus area sslc important topic about Public administration

Focus area topic 1:public administration&its significance

  • Public administration is the effectiveutilization of men and materials for the implementation of existinglaws, governmental policies, programmes and developmental projects.
  • Governmental institutions are part of public administration.
  • Governments try to find solutions to various problems and ensure the welfare of the people through public administration
  • the significance of public administration

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  • Gandhiji’s concept of Grama Swaraj influenced India’s outlook of public administration to a great extent.
  • Local government institutions were constituted on this basis.

Focus area topic 2:Bureaucracy& its significance

The employees who work under public administrative system and administer the country are together known as ‘bureaucracy’.

Hierarchical organisation

Bureaucracy is organised in such a way that there is one employee
at the top and the number increases when it reaches the lower
levels. This is known as hierarchical organisation.


Persons appointed will continue in service till the age of retirement.
Appointment on the basis of Qualification.Employees are recruited and appointed on the basis of educational qualification

Political Neutrality

Bureaucrats are liable to implement the policies of whichever party comes to power. Party interests should not reflect in their work. They should act neutrally.


Every government employee must be skilled in their work

focus area #3;Indian Civil Service

All India Services

Recruits at national level
• Appoints in central or state service
Eg: Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service

Central Services

Recruits at national level
• Appoints in central government departments only
Eg: Indian Foreign Service, Indian Railway Service

State Services

Recruits at state level
• Appoints in state government departments only
Eg : Sales tax officer.

Candidates to all India services and central services are recruited by the
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The chairman and the
members of this commission are appointed by the President of India.

At the state level, candidates are recruited by the Public Service
Commission (PSC) of the State. The Governor appoints the Chairman and
the members of the State Public Service Commission. UPSC and State
PSC’s are constituted on the basis of constitutional provisions. So they are
called constitutional institutions.

focus area topic 4;E-Governance

E-governance is the use of electronic technology in administration. This helped to obtain government services easily in a speedy manner.

benefits of Egovernance:

• Can receive service with the help of information technology.
• Need not to wait in government offices for services.
• Government services offered speedily and with less expense.
• Efficiency of the offices and quality of the service get enhanced.


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